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Trip To Llandudno

All Content Copright Bacup Natural History Society 2013.
At the beginning of August 2013, the Friends of Llandudno museum invited the Commitee and members of the Bacup Natural History Society to visit Llandudno. The intenary for the trip would include a visit to the Little Orme to see where Blodwen, our bronze age skeleton was found and where a local expert would outline the history and geology of the area. A trip to the Great Orme Copper mines which were uncovered in 1987 and date back 4,000 years, to the bronze age and where it is thought the copper which made the bronze spearhead that accompanied Blodwen was mined. The trip would culminate in a visit to the Llandudno Museum itself, after a lovely fish and chip lunch.After a very enjoyable day, in which the sun shone all day long, members of the Commitee presented a Book of Bacup, written by our own Ken Bowden as a thankyou and gift of friendship to the Llandudno Museum, with a return  open invitation to all the staff and members of the Llandudno Museum, to come and visit the Nat. A big thankyou to our Membership Secretary Adrian Schofield who after all his hard work of gathering the names together was unfortunatley not able to come, along with thanks to Paul Lydiate for helping to organise the trip and itenary. Thanks also to Matt our guide on the Little Orme and Sian from the copper mine.
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