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Meet the Nurse 

All Content Copright Bacup Natural History Society 2013.
Once again the First World War came to the Nat on Saturday 21st November when we held the last of our Lottery funded events Meet the Nurse. Scott Knowles of the Great War Society came along to tell tales of a Tommy’s life in the trenches, dressed in his hospital blues he played the part of a wounded soldier awaiting discharge from Fern Hill Hospital back to life in the trenches. Child visitors were given some very gruesome looking war wounds and face paitintings by Lisa Bailey.
Onto the Orme. Looking out over the sea. The Copper Mine. View over the bay. Three VAD nurses, Jan, Marion and Christine. Our Tommy and visitors. Another gruesome looking war wound. Evie Bruce receiving her war wound and face paints from our talented artist Lisa Bailey. Matron Sutcliffe in number 1 ward of Fern Hill Hospital. Young and old visitor enjoying the day.