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If you have enjoyed our website and think you may enjoy being a member of the Nat then please read on about becomming a member: Full voting membership of the Society and eligibility to stand for election to the Committee is restricted to persons living or working within 20 miles of Bacup,those who have previously lived or worked within 20 miles of Bacup , and close relatives or close associates of the same. Voting  rights and eligibility to stand for election to the Committee shall only come into force after one year of fully paid up membership. For those  who fall without the above requirements, Associate Membership is available which confers all the rights of full membership, but without voting  rights or eligibility to stand for election to the Committee . Associate Membership to be a little cheaper than full membership. All applications  for any kind of membership, including the annual renewal of existing membership, are subject to approval by the Committee, and exceptions  can be made only at the discretion of the Committee. Memberships consists of three classes: From 1st April 2015 Ordinary (aged 18 and over but less than 60) : £ 14.00 Young people aged under 18: £ 5.00 Senior citizens, (aged 60 and over) : £ 9.00 Associate Membership resident over 20 miles from Bacup : Adult :£10.00 Senior Associate : £ 6.00 Junior Associate : £ 2.00 Applications from young people must be countersigned by their parent or guardian and no young member may attend any activityof the  Society unless accompanied by their parent or guardian. Patrons and Friends receive full acknowledgement of their contribution by name in our Lecture Programme for the forthcoming year and , as well as recognising individuals, can be a source of useful publicity to local businesses and enterprises.   The facility also exists for taxpayers to amplify their contribution through Gift Aid at all three levels To apply for membership or if you are interested in becoming a patron please email             with your expression of intrest once approved and someone will come back to you with details on how to apply and how to make your membership payment. If you would like to pay your membership using online banking or paypal please email for our details.

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