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Sunday the 3rd of September 1939 is now a historic date in British and world history. On that date at 11.15 am the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain made his now-famous announcement that Britain was at with Germany. Long before this date, the threat of war had been casting a shadow over the entire country and the lives of Bacupians.........  
By 1840 Bacup had changed considerably, the growth in wool spinning and cotton had a significant effect on the rise in population which at this time was approximately 8,000 this meant not only a demand for stone for the many mills being built but the housing to house the work force and the chapels and schools needed to take care of their spiritual and educational needs.
Within 100 yards of the Bacup Natural History Society  the once former public house called the Hare & Hounds there were a further 10 licensed premises, 20 within 200 yards and 32 within 440 yards. With that in mind it is hardly surprising reports like the following appeared in the local newspaper of 1878.
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Owd Stacksteads is a collection of photographs and stories based on the popular slideshow of the same name.
Great Britain declared war on Germany at 11 o’clock on Tuesday night the 4th August. Within hours of the declaration the control of the railways had been taken over by the Government in order to facilitate troop movements, stores and food supplies. 
In death men who had faithfully served their country in battle were accorded military honours. Bacup Cemetery officially known as Fairwell gives testimony to many brave local soldiers.
During a meeting of the Bacup Hospital Charities Committee on the 15th August 1914, the treasurer Mr J.H.Lord suggested that Bacup might follow other towns and villages in offering a suitable place to the Military Authorities for use as a hospital for the treatment of the sick and wounded in the war. The first patients 11 Belgium soldiers were due to be transferred from Rochdale on Friday 21st November but something happened and this didn’t happen.
Owd Bacup is based on the slideshows of the same name. Featuring stories and photographs of Bacup and its history.
The Bacup Times newspaper reported news stories from all over the world as well as local stories. From Jack the Ripper to the tragic loss of the Titanic.
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